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Kirien Lee Ash

Kirien Lee Ash
2019 - 2019

Donations: $50.00

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In lieu of flowers, family and friends that wish to make a memorial gift for Infant Kirien Lee Ash; gifts of love that are received will be used by the family to honor his life. His family is thankful for gifts of love given.
Kirien Lee Ash was born on April 26, 2019 in Hammond and departed from this life on Saturday July 6, 2019 at North Oaks Medical Center.
He is survived by his parents Kymberlie, Noah and Joshua; siblings Raydin, Aurora, Alysiea, Damien, Mackenzie, Jaxyn, Arabella and Naomi; grandparents Michelle Welsh and William Halker, Jr., Kathie and Royce Barker, and Simone Williams; aunts Paula Hester and J’oel Ash; uncle Brandon Terrel; cousins Heartli, Brandon, Jr., Jacob and Jayden.
A celebration of life ceremony is pending currently.

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July 10, 2019
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